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Healing Methods

Qigong: Healing yourself with Energy

Qigong is a medical, spiritual, self-healing method used in China to improve health, strengthen the immune system, relieve pain and illness, and promote mental, physical , and spiritual balance. It is sometimes used by oneself, or emitted by another person, usually a Qigong master or healer. The benefit of doing Qigong yourself is that it is free, empowering, and effective!

The best way to learn how to heal yourself with Qigong is to learn from a knowlegable instructor who has experience in teaching others the correct methods. There are also simple qigong exercises one can pick up from videos, however in person is always more fun!.

The positions in many popular sets are relatively easy to learn for anyone, and can be modified for your particular structure, age, or handicap, if any. Learning to breathe correctly and coordinate the breath with the movement are a bit challenging, but that is what Qigong is all about; practice! Learning to use the breath and the Yi, or intent, are key components to the practice of qigong. Once you learn how to relax in the movements and how to coordinate the breath with your movements, the Qi (vital energy) will flow accordingly and the healing process will begin. You will notice unique feelings and warmth, your energy and mood will improve, and your spirit and soul will soar! The more you practice, the better you will feel, and the illnesses or imbalances you once experienced will dissapate, replenishing balance and health to your being.

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